Sunday, January 13, 2013

Episode 50 2011 2 out of 10

Episode 50  2011 2 out of 10

Who hasn't watched TV shows like  Paranormal State or Ghost hunters and thought about writing a movie where the Paranormal team actually bumps into some serious Paranormal activity.   I know I've personally thought of several ideas based on this premise myself.   That is the focus of this film...someone actually made a movie about it.   2 competing paranormal tv shows with different points of view are set to  explore one of those most haunted spots in America.   One to de-bunk it and the other to prove the existence of inhuman presence.    The concept is good.....the movie NOT SO MUCH.  It is boring and dull and bland and not scary at all.   It says it is in the tradition of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity....--but abandons the  LOST footage concept freely whenever it feels like it.   There is nothing scary to see have more of a chance being scared or creeped out by one of the Ghost hunter shows that at least are well edited to make nothing happening but a few random door squeaks and  "What the hell was that?" seem interesting........Skip Episode 50  not worth the effort.

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