Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hotel for Dogs (Family Movie Review # 4) 2009 8 out of 10

Hotel for Dogs  2009   8 out of 10

This was another example of a family movie that personally wasn't on my list of films to see.  The trailer didn't interest me at all--but I DVR'd it for the kids and was pleasantly surprised.  

The storyline was completely unbelievable --but movies like this generally are. The stories  are not grounded in the real world and yet this movie they are grounded by the heart of the movie.  The story revolves around a brother and sister that have bounced around from  one bad foster home to another after losing their parents.  They stick together and have continued to secretly look after their family dog at all costs.   This leads them to the unlikely yet touching storyline of  taking care of dogs in an abandoned hotel and creatively turning that hotel into a Hotel of Dogs.  The story is touching and includes the excellent acting of Don Cheadle (even good in a silly kids movie) as their social worker that is trying his best to keep them together and find the right home for them.   His kindness is parallelled  by the kids efforts to take care of  (way too many) stray dogs.    A quality family dog movie where the animals don't talk and there are no fart jokes.

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