Saturday, December 15, 2012

Doom 2005 7+ out of 10

Doom  2005    7+ out of 10
Based on the first person shooter video game of the same name....this action adventure sci-fi film stars The Rock.......and he is cooking up some video game style action.    This is the perfect kind of movie for The Rock's talent --kick ass action Arnold style. The movie is thin on plot which consists of  some space marines  (a direct rip-off of Aliens)  being sent to  investigate events at a government outpost on Mars.    Things on Mars are not going to well and the marines must take out a bunch of genetic mutants video game style and make sure that they don't get through a Stargate like portal back to Earth.   It is a good film action packed film that takes place mostly in the dark with the mutants unseen for a major portion of the film  trying to draw on the typical Alien movie wannabe Horror device of tension of the unseen.   It works fairly well as the marines are snatched and attacked in the dark  The best part of the movie came near the end in an exciting recreation of the game sequence that played out just like the game.
It is no Aliens.....but one of the better Alien rip-offs out there.

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