Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heatstroke 2008 3 out of 10

Heatstroke  2008   3 out of 10  starring D.B. Sweeney and the girl from the Wonder Years trying to save the earth from some really bad  half finished  CGI Reptilian aliens on an Island.  Heatstroke was pretty much just terrible.   The CGI was awful---they would have been better off with  people in Sleestack outfits.  The entire earth is at stake from these cheesy aliens that can spray some type of red acid mist into the face their victims.    The deaths were digitally gory and then I guess they ran out of bad half finished CGI money so the lame Reptilians use mind control on one of the soldiers  (I guess so they could have D.B. Sweeney have someone to battle at the end of the film).      Heatstroke was just a weak effort.   A SyFy channel movie only worth watching if your DVR is empty and you are stuck sick in bed.

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