Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shark Week 2012 3 out of 10 (Another really bad shark movie)

Assylum strikes again....With another terrible low budget bad sci-fi movie.   Shark Week---no not the week of shark footage on Discovery channel.  This one stars a guy dressed like The Most Interesting Man in the world on a bad bender.  (Apparantly the writers of the movie were drunk as well--because this movie is a mess).   A lot of boring bad dialogue in between so dark you can't see anything shark attacks.   The plot: (if you can call it a plot) --was a groupl of complete strangers that of course have a link to the Most uninteresting  man in the world.  He kidnaps them and brings them to his island where he forces them through a series of boring shark attacks and caves--and sitting on the beach yelling at each other.  With each stage of this silly death game the drunken madman (who doesn't even seem interesting the game at all as he sits smoking his cigar and stroking his strand of pearls  (i guess they couldn't afford a cat) them a bunch of dull details about sharks before they are attacked by more and more dangerous species.......

I love me some bad shark movies ---but this one really stunk...

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