Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aladdin and the Deathlamp 2012 5 out of 10

Yet another in a long line of cheap bad Syfy Channel movies.
Aladdin and the Deathlamp......2012 5 out of 10.

So many of these movies seem like bad pot smoking ideas.....
"What if  we made a movie..... where Aladdin finds the lamp, but instead of an animated Robin Williams singing and cracking jokes the Genie was a blood thirsty Reptilian looking creature out for souls."   Sure why not....they had me suckered in at the title alone (Of course I like watching bad Sci-Fi movies as I constantly search for the So-bad it is Good films)..   Everything about this movie is cheap.  The effects the small cast wandering around the forest and desert.  Bad dialogue, bad acting....and yet it was just interesting enough not to lose my attention.  With the feel of a cheap episode of Stargate the film moved along to its not so epic conclusion.  A sample of the films stellar bad dialogue is this.  "We are going to find the jewels and be on our separate ways.  I'm tired of listening to us fight.  All we ever do is fight. When I get home I'm going to find a women who never speaks and makes love like an animal and spend the rest of my days in her bed".....Random speaches like this are throughout the film and of course this character is destined for some other then what he desires.

Here is a sneak peak at the film and its bad acting as the Reptilian Genie..... Grants a wish that turns out bad

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