Monday, September 3, 2012

Captain Sindbad 1963 6 out of 10 (SO BAD it's Good)

 Captain Sindbad  1963.......6 out of 10

I usually love the old school sword and monster films.  The Ray Harryhausen spectacles like Jason and the Argonauts and movies like that---this however is so cheesy it is laughable...
 326 Magic tricks  it advertising ....(I'm still waiting)......Guy Williams  (much better in Lost in Space --and better with a sword in Disney's Zorro TV Show)  is wasted in this Sindbad  movie.    Watch as he battles the invisible monster in an arena...(that is one way to save money).....Watch his ship have rocks dropped on it by plastic birds.....Watch him climb the treacherous dusty rope and battle the giant dirty glove with spikes..... and the hand puppet Hydra.....Yes the effects in this movie were so lame that even a stage play wouldn't use them.....As for the 326 magic tricks---I guess most of those take place with the palace magician that seems like a character straight out of Santa Claus vs the Martians or some other terrible film.   The sword fights in this  film are underwhelming.....Everything is this film is underwhelming.
The trailer pretty much sums up the entire movie....It just barely crosses into SO BAD it is good territory that I gave it a 6 out of 10.....and must of those points come from watching the trailer after the movie.....We are definitely in SO BAD territory.....

"The Fist of Horror"   LOL

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