Sunday, September 2, 2012

Animated Shorts #1 Tangled Ever After

Tangled Ever After is a Disney short that shows the wedding of Flynn and that girl that used to have the really long hair but cut it off. Well it sort of shows the wedding....until Maximus and Pascal end up losing the wedding rings which sets into motion one of the funniest action adventure short features that I can remember. The animation is stunning and the adventure to get the rings back for the wedding is both thrilling and side splitting. The second this animated short finished the kids were cheering "play it again" which I did and they laughed again from start to finish. "We should watch this once every night" they proclaimed after the second viewing.

The search for the rings is on the same energy level as the old Roger Rabbit shorts that came out after Who Framed Roger Rabbit. ( "Tummy Trouble" and "Roller Coaster Rabbit" which if you haven't seen check the out). Maximus and Pascal are chasing after the rings with reckless abandon to make sure the wedding doesn't end up in ruins and the gags and action are at such a perfect frantic pace that it leaves you wanting more. Kudos to Disney for this gem of a cartoon short.

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