Sunday, September 2, 2012

American Reunion 2012 5 out of 10

American Reunion......2012   5 out of 10.
Save the best piece for Last ?   Not so much.......
The final slice of pie was somehow not as good as some of the other pieces.   Maybe the pie had been left out too long on the counter??  Maybe someone did something to the pie??   Personally I enjoyed the American Wedding  (part 3) the best of the Pie movies.   The 2 best characters are Stifler and Jim and the Wedding movie featured them more prominently.  The film's highlights feature the conversations between Jim (Jason Biggs) and  his dad (Eugene Levy of SCTV fame).  This reunion attempts to get the whole gang back and then doesn't bother to give half of them any stories lines worth telling.   It has some funny and entertaining scenes --but the ploy seemed lazy.  The filmmakers seemed content to re thread material in less interesting ways.
Chris Klein  in particular is a waste of the silver screen and his character has nothing interesting to say or do.  I was also disappointed that the film basically ignored Stifler's character growth in the last film and basically just recast him as old Stifler for the film.  If you like the American Pie movies --you will probably enjoy some of this a whole it is a couple of slices of pie short.   

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