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John Wick 2014 10 out of 10

John Wick 2014 10 out of 10

I'm not the biggest Keanu Reeves fan.  He has to be cast in the right role and the right movie (See Point Break and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as examples of the right roles) . When cast in the wrong film like Dracula or Chain Reaction where he is supposed to be a nuclear scientist things don't work.   Well this was the right movie for Keanu and I would have to say it is now definitely my favorite Keanu film.

When the trailer for John Wick 2 came out it looked interesting and I'd heard good things about the original which I hadn't seen.   I decided to check out John Wick on Netflix with no expectations or really any knowledge about the character or the movie. 

Keanu plays John Wick an apparently legendary  retired hit man. His wife has just died and his character is literally the Sad Keanu meme from the Internet that we once made fun of on a Podcast discusssing Point Break before it became the Super Fantastic Terrific Podcast.

Then he receives a package....something his wife wanted him to have before he died.   A Puppy....the cutest little puppy ever.  The film suddenly takes a turn after a trip to the gas station and an encounter with Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones.    This unlucky dude decides he wants Keanu's ride and with a gang of thugs breaks into his house and beats him up, steals his car and kills his puppy.

Rule number 1.    Don't kill John Wick's Puppy.....Well that is basically the only rule.   John Wick spends the rest of the film getting revenge and putting his retired hit man skills to great use.
The character of John Wick is amazing.  He is described by the Russian gangster as the guy you send to kill the Boogyman.   The main bad guy is upset that the owner of the chop shop slapped his son---until he finds out why, his  stupid son stole John Wick's car.  I love that the villains fear him.

This movie is stylish.  It has the look of Black Rain meets Blade. The sets are amazing from the Continental Hotel an apparent safe zone for Hit men run by Ian Mcshane of Deadwood fame.   To the Russian club the Red Circle.  The music of the film fits it perfectly as well and Keanu Reeves absolutely kicks ass.   It is like a bloody video game as he makes his way through every killer that stand between him and the guy that killed his dog.   I can't wait to see John Wick 2 now.

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