Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another Earth 2011 5 out of 10 (What happens when you go into a movie expecting something completely different)

Another Earth 2011   5 out of 10

Another Earth wasn't a bad movie.  It  just wasn't the movie I was personally looking for.  I went into the film with misconceptions of the type of movie I was going to be watching. 
I was expecting a more Twilight Zone or Outer Limits type of film. Instead it was a character story about a student that kills most of a family while drunk driving and how years later she tries to apologize the dad that survived, but ends up in a relationship with him.    The whole tag line about the discovery of a duplicate Earth that shows up in the night sky could have basically been dropped completely from the film and not much of the plot would have changed.   The story about the duplicate Earth is why I rented the movie and unfortunately is with --just an background distraction to the plot.    If I had seen the trailer or read more about the film beforehand --maybe I would have liked the film better going into it with a different perspective.  I just really was looking forward to and interesting sci-fi story instead of a drama.  I had been so impressed by the low budget surprise film Coherence (which dealt with Multiverses colliding)  which I had seen around the time I put this movie in my Netflix Queue---so my expectations just weren't meet.

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