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Beneath the Darkness 2011 5 out of 10 (Spoilers)

Beneath the Darkness 2011  5 out of 10   (SPOILERS)

A group of teenagers in a Texas town decide to investigate the rumors that the towns mortician Ely (played by Dennis Quaid) is haunted.   The movie could have been better if they had played it differently and not given away that Ely was a killer at the beginning of the film.  Unfortunately the film does so the suspense of whether their are ghosts in his house and whether or not he is a bad guy is ruined for the viewer before the kids find out his secret.  The film opens showing Ely killing someone.

What is Ely's secret you ask?   Well the shadows that the kids saw in his house are actually Ely dancing with his dead wife.  The kids break into his house and discover his secret and he kills one of them by pushing him down the stairs.   The death is ruled and accident (with no investigation what so ever),   because Ely is such a great member of the community and an ex football star. 

The third act of the movie findsthe kids trying to prove that his ex wife is still hanging around which leads to another break-in and the more action between them and Ely.   The logic of the characters in the movie is often flawed and when the police find a giant tarp in Ely's backyard they just take his word for it rather than looking underneath it....Seriously??? Great police work.   I thought Dennis Quaid's performance was odd and inconsistent and the story was just too simple to be a great thriller. 

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