Saturday, March 11, 2017

Elysium 2013 6 out of 10

Elysium 2013   6 out of 10

Elysium wasn't the movie I expected.  It is a Sci-Fi movie set in the year 2154 where two class systems exist.  The rich which live in a luxary space station called Elysium and the rest which live in a devastated Earth that looks like a third world country.   The main character is Max (played by Matt Damon)  a guy struggling from day to day on Earth that has like many others dreaming of someday earning his way to Elysium.  He gets exposed to some radiation at his job and basically has 5 days left to live unless he can somehow make his way to Elysium where he can be cured.   He makes a deal with some guys from his criminal past to try and get him there if he will pull off this one job for them.  They basically turn him into a fighting cyborg and set him on a mission to kidnap an executive from Elysium that runs the company that he worked for on Earth.

It was a decent Sci-Fi Film.  The action scenes were good --but I was expecting more from the premise.   Jodie Foster's character as one the administers on Elysium was a waste of her talents and could have been played by anybody.   Matt Damon was good with what he was given -- but what I thought was going to be a more intelligent Sci-Fi basically turned into a battle of Cyborgs at the end.   That is what you expect in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie ....not a Matt Damon/ Jodie Foster film.   The visuals in the film were good, but the story just fell flat and was too predictable. Nothing unexpected really happened.   I was really hoping for a more intellectual film.  I had high hopes since it was the follow-up directing effort of Neill Blomkamp who did such a good job on District 9 which was a much better film.

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