Monday, March 20, 2017

Deadpool 2016 8 out of 10

Deadpool 2016  8 out of 10

Dip Ferris Bueller in a vat of acid and give him super powers and a thirst for Revenge and you have Deadpool.  Aside from the obvious Ferris Bueller tribute during the end credits the character breaks the 4th wall more than Mr. Roper  stares at the camera on Three's Company.

I wasn't that familiar with the Deadpool character aside from his appearance in a Wolverine movie (also played by Ryan Reynolds) ....So I wasn't dying to see it when it was in the movie theaters. But I keep hearing the nerd community go ape over this film.
This version of the character was very different from the previous protrayal.   Ryan Reynolds and his smart ass self was the perfect fit for this character....It is a shame they muted with in the Wolverine movie---because this R Rated quick witted version is much better.  I liked the movie as a result of its humor more so than as an action comic book movie.  This movie had so many references to the fact that it was comic book movie (like Deadpool references  Ryan Reynolds).   I loved the joke about how they couldn't afford any additional X-Men beyond  Colossus and Megasonic Teenage Warhead.  I felt it was a little bit overhyped as to how absolutely amazing it didn't reach that level for me.  

That being said it was a good fun watch for a more adult comic book audience.

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