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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 2014 7 out of 10

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit  2014  7 out of 10

This was basically a reboot of the Jack Ryan character from the Tom Clancy novels that is the first movie not based on a Tom Clancy novel.  You know that I general hate Reboots.  It was a decent movie --but other than the name recognition, why even use the Jack Ryan name if it is basically a completely rebooted and new character not based on any book.  It didn't feel like the same character which left many fans of the books and films disappointed and even lead Chris Pine to appologize.

The original Jack Ryan book turned into a movie was the classic flick The Hunt for Red October starring Alec Baldwin as the Jack Ryan.  The Hunt for Red October was a great flick--but was just as much about Sean Connery's character as the defecting Russian Submarine Captain.   Then came Harrison Ford in two Jack Ryan  films The Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.  Harrison owned the role and both of this films were great as well.  Years later they tried to bring the character back starring  Ben Affleck which was also a decent film and Ben did a decent job in the role.

That being said this film was a decent thriller.  It features Chris Pine in the lead role being brought into the CIA by a character played by Kevin Costner.   The character ends up thwarting a Russian plot to attack the U.S. and crash the U.S. economy.   The movie is thrilling and has some good action scenes and some good tense spy thriller type moments.   It just  didn't feel like a Jack Ryan movie.   They should have created a new character rather than using the Jack Ryan name, especially since it wasn't based on a Tom Clancy book.   If you like thrillers this movie is worth a rental.  If you like Jack Ryan just pretend it is a different character and you may style enjoy the film.

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