Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gone Girl 2014 5 out of 10 (Spoiler filled)

(Spoiler filled)
I was expecting a lot more from Gone Girl as a movie. 
This movie had a lot of hype and the book it is based on was a best seller.  The film stars Rosamund Pike (who was excellent) and Ben Affleck (who was just okay) in the lead roles.   The film started off good.  The husband reports his wife missing and the police start an investigation.   The main character played by Ben Affleck slowing starts to seem more and more like a suspect and the film gives us interesting glimpses into the couple’s past.  I was starting to get the vibe that this could end up being along the lines of the great movie Presumed Innocent with Harrison Ford, but then the twist comes.

The twist of the movie is supposed to make the movie more interesting, but for me it kind of derailed this film.  As the news coverage around the case spirals into a media circus the main character starts to look into his wife’s past and finds some odd things.   And then the viewer finds out that she isn’t dead and has faked her death to set up her husband.  She has totally planned out in great detail so many points in her plot –yet makes some really stupid mistakes that someone as calculated as her wouldn’t make.   She basically does a half ass job of dying her hair and holds up in a cheap motel.  Apparently her plain actually includes killing herself at one point, but she stupidly befriends some white trash chick at the motel and gets robbed of all her money.
So she turns to one of her ex’s that she had manipulated in the past (played by Neil Patrick Harris) who helps to hide her in his mountain mansion.   Meanwhile the media storm around her husband still swirls.

The ending then just falls apart.   She decides to murder the ex and make it look like she was his captive all along, which contradicts all the evidence she had laid out against the husband.     She then returns home.   After everything she did to set up her husband as the murderer—is somehow overlooked (other than a few unaswered questions by the local sheriff).    She blackmails the husband into staying with her which is so ridiculous.  There is no way he would spend another minute in that house knowing what she is capable of.    The movie turned out not to be a good film like Presumed Innocent ---or even a fun campy mystery with twists like Wild Things.   It just ended up a complete letdown.

Don't believe the hype.

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