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Sharknado 3 2015 8 out of 10

Sharknado 3 2015  8 out of 10

The 1st Sharknado --was SO Bad that it was Good. It had terrible editing and its plot was a silly mess.   Most So Bad they are Good movies never get noticed by the general public, but social media turned this one into a huge hit for Syfy.

The 2nd Sharknado --fell flat for me.  It had huge hype as a result  social media hyping it and making it a trending topic.  The film itself couldn't create the same SO Bad it is Good vibe.   You can't force the kind of bad the first movie achieved on purpose and the 2nd movie got hung up on its cameos.  It was still a huge hit for the Syfy channel and extended Ian Ziering's 15 minutes of fame into the 21st minute.

When Sharknado 3 hit this week it has grown into a much bigger thing.  Sharknado hit the Syfy channel as a part of Sharknado week.  It came along with 5 new Bad shark movies in its wake.  Instead of the Syfy channel dropping Bad Shark movie slowly all year long --we got 6 bad shark movies all in one week.   Shark overload.   Sequels to Megashark, Sharktopus,  and 2 Headed Shark hit the airwaves.   New bad shark movies like Roboshark and Zombie Shark also premiered.    It was like an actual Sharknado hit the TV with Shark movies dropping out of the skies.   The social media hype for this Sharknado was out of control.

The movie itself was just great.  It wasn't So bad it is Good --but it was actually just enjoyable this time around.    Ian Ziering is now a badass and his level of fame from this silly franchise may get him Bruce Campbell like cult status.  The franchise is now totally self aware.   Like I said with the sequel -you can't create so bad it is good on purpose--it just has to happen.  They learned this lesson in Sharknado 3.   This movie is even more insane and ridiculous than before --but now the silly and stupid plot is totally with purpose. 
 It doesn't fell completely pieced together after the fact in the editing room with no idea how the pieces fit together anymore.      It has a start and middle and a finish.  Thought went into this movie.   

Sharknado was an absolutely absurd movie that had the feel of a Robert Rodriquez flick.   It still had cameos every couple of minutes --but it didn't hijack the movie this time.  The settings were well thought out and fun.   Mark Cuban battling sharks in Washington D.C. as the president--was fun.
Sharks landing on rollercoasters and water slides in Orlando - a silly good time.  And Sharks in space is having to deal with David Hasselhof --really good cheesy stuff.    I loved Sharknado 3 for all the right reasons and I can't wait for Sharknado week next year.

Enjoy Sharknado for what it is .......Good Cheesy fun!

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