Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 2011 6 out of 10

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol   2011   6 out of 10

This is the fourth adventure for Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt.  
Ghost Protocol was a good solid action movie, but I wasn't as impressed as everyone else was apparently.  The story focuses on Ethan Hunt and a team of agents that basically trying to stop a rouge nuclear launch while under the radar since they are blamed for an explosion at the Kremlin.  The action sequences (despite Cruise's awkward running style)  were good.   Jeremy Reener did a good job as the reluctant ex field agent that ends up a part of the action. The movie just lacked for me some of the cool elements that  I had really enjoyed  in Mission Impossible 3.    Mission Impossible 3 which I had watched earlier this year got me interested in a franchise that I had bailed on after the dismal Mission Impossible 2 which I.  Ghost Protocol was good... just not to the level of James Bond or even Tom Cruise's own  (over the top and silly)  Knight and Day from 2010.      It wasn't even as good to me as some of the really good episodes of the Spy -comedy TV series Chuck.  It treaded too familiar ground in many scenes like ----let's have the hot women seduce and steal the codes from the rich bad guy....which quite frankly was done better on Chuck and recently with a twist on  Agents of Shield.   

The story just didn't capture me as much as Mission Impossible 3 which had a much better villain.   The missile scene at the end seemed ridiculous,  anyone who has seen War Games would know that a missile launch like that would have an immediate response so I just couldn't buy into.  For every interesting  sequence like the car parking structure battle at the end of the film that worked really well---there was an uninteresing one like the chase through the sandstorm just didn't work.  I'd say it is worth checking out if you like spy movies, but I definitely wouldn't rate it as highly as most people do.  I'd say it ranks 3rd amonst the 4  Mission Impossible films.


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