Sunday, November 10, 2013

Land of the Dead 2005 4 out of 10 (Zombie Movie Review #6)

Land of the Dead 2005  4 out of 10

George Romero's return to the genre is a mixed bag.  On the heels of the  excellent Hollywood remake of his Dawn of the Dead,  George comes at this zombie movie with something a little different.  I guess it basically follows the next logical step from Bub the zombie in Day of the Dead.  The movie should have been called Zombie Messiah,  since a gas attendant zombie appears to be the leader in the next step of the zombie evolution as he starts relearning how to use tools and weapons and gets a horde of zombies to follow him in an attack on the city.   This zombie movie takes place when the zombies have pretty much taken over the world and the rich lead by Dennis  Hopper are living the fine life in a fancy walled in city while lower class citizens go out into the world of zombies to bring back stuff for the rich.   So I guess you could say that it has references to the lower classes rising up against the upper class in the form of Zombies basically starting a revolution.   Simon Baker stars as one of these warriors that drives around in a armoured bus taking out zombies on supply missions.    The movie is a mixed bag because it fails in bringing the fear that most zombie movies create.  The film chooses to focus on a side story involving the main character going out to stop one of  his former partners from blowing up the city.  The characters are too well armed and the city too protected for most of the film so you don't get the sense of peril that you should out of a zombie movie.  The movie picks up a little towards the end when the zombies led by their Messiah (thought he was actually going to walk on water at one point) leads them across the water to assault the city .  These scenes were interesting, but were pretty much too little to late to make this a great movie.   An interesting concept that just didn't really work effectively despite having a few cool scenes here and there.


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