Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Hangover Part 3 2013 5 out 10

The Hangover Part 3  2013  6 out of 10

I loved the first 2 Hangover movies, so I was really looking forward to the Hangover 3--but ended up missing it in the theaters. Well I didn't miss much.  The Hangover 3 felt more like a money grab than an actual inspired sequel.  The had already covered  the same ground with Hangover 2 basically repeating the first movie but in a different setting.  Many complained about this--but I actually thought it worked really well.  The Hangover 3 was missing that "Dude Where's my Car" element that the original stories had.  That  element of the characters trying to backtrack and find out what happened the night before in order to solve the crazy mess they had stumbled into.  The Hangover 3 goes a completely different direction and teams them up with Mr. Chow in a gold bar heist.  This story though action packed wasn't as interesting or as funny as the situations in the first 2 flicks.  The movie felt more like a retirement tour --just putting the characters from the first 2 movies through the uninspired paces of a not that interesting story.   Too much Mr. Chow (better in small doses) and not enough laughs.   The movie should have started with the clip at the end---that would have made a much more interesting story.

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