Monday, November 11, 2013

The Beast of the Bering Sea 2013 4 out of 10

The Beast of the Bering Sea   2013    4 out of 10

The Bering Sea Beast.   More like the Boring Sea Beast.   It is basically a shark movie, but instead of sharks the main characters end up battling Sea Vampires.   And by seas vampires what I mean is some Manta Ray looking creatures that look like they are made out of tar thanks to the cheesy digital effects.  

 These sea vampires that come from the sea –can fly and waddle around on land as well as they try  to suck the blood out of the humans that disturbed their underwater cave while dredging for gold.   The acting, dialogue and effects are cheesy, but not to the point of being enjoyable.   The music was actually decent and added to scenes that would have been dull based on the visuals alone.   It was just hard to be even remotely scared by this silly looking monster that wrapped up their victims like a scene from the original Clash of the Titans.  There was a scene where  a baby one burst out of one of the characters chests just like in Alien. All in all this is no Sharknado .... Not even close.

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