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Doll Squad 1973 3 out of 10

The Doll Squad 1973  3 out of 10

The Description
According to the description which made me hit record on the DVR the movie was  about bikini clad assassins taking on a saboteur.  This low budget attempt at a spy movie features a group of women that are a part of  an elite unit that is enlisted to take out a sinister ex agent that is trying to threaten the world.  

The Movie
The movie itself is quite dull,  despite the sound track that tries to make you think that  something interesting is happening at all time.  Someone walking up a staircase isn't exciting just because there is a hip non-stop drum beat in the background.  Almost every single scene has this fake James Bond  music attempting to fool the viewer into thinking something exciting is going on when nothing exciting is.  The movie even has a terrible sounding Bond wannabe song in the end credits that was almost laughable.    

The Acting
The acting is  pretty bad which you can get a sense of in the trailer  (Not SO Bad it is Good unfortunately).    The action in the movie is silly and cheeseball.   The action scenes feel like something out of a badly choreographed episode of the A-Team.  This movie may have inspired the TV series Charlie's Angels (a much better product)   and Quentin Tarantino was influenced  by it when coming up with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in Kill Bill. (the film didn't seem like anything inspiration worthy to me).  
The villain has a plan to take over the world by releasing rats with the plague strategically throughout the world , luckily the Doll Squad wearing outfits out of a Bruce Lee Kung Fu movie assault his compound and save the world before his fiendish plot can take place..

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