Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Leech Woman 1960 5 out 10

The Leech Woman 1960   5 out of 10

Eternal youth always comes with a price.   An jerk doctor that resents his wife for being old drags her into the jungle in search of eternal youth.   Well this doesn't turn out so well for either of them.  She finds the secret held by a jungle tribe and the secret requires a sacrifice that turns out to be him.  UNLUCKY!.   Of course this eternal youth potion comes with a price.... It doesn't last long and she keeps having to kill to stay young (like a vampire).  Thus the title of this movie The Leech movie.   It was a decent old school horror movie with a mix of jungle adventure (including wild animal stock footage).    The only drawback is that it took about 3/4 of the movie until she final turns into The Leech Woman, so we don't get as much Leeching as you would hope for.

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