Sunday, September 22, 2013

Motel Hell 1980 5 out of 10 (Horror Cult Classic)

Motel Hell  1980   5 out of 10

Motel Hell is a  Horror Movie Cult Classic just for its concept.  I hadn't seen this movie in over 20 years and when I saw it was on AMC late in the evening a couple weeks ago decided to DVR it and revisit this weird flick.   When Jaws came out people were afraid to go to the beaches.   What Jaws did for the ocean Motel Hell did for me as far as those little road side Beef Jerky stores.   Motel Hell is about a roadside Motel run by a farmer named Vincent.  Vincent makes the best beef jerky around which has a secret ingredient........Soylent Green ----I mean people.   You see Vincent goes out and creates car crashes and then takes his victims back to his farm and cuts out there throats and plants them in his secret garden.   The reveal of the secret garden is great,   the movie as a whole doesn't really hold up to what I remember.  Farmer Vincent ends up saving one of the victims of his traps (a cute young blond)  and eventually his secret is revealed.  The movie has some elements of Texas Chainsaw massacre when farmer Vincent is running around in a Pig mask with a chainsaw,  but the whole movie is really just about the beef jerky secret and when it will be exposed.        So next time you want to stop at one of those little beef jerky stands in the middle of nowhere.....Remember  Motel Hell.   Beware of the may have a secret ingredient.

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