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100 Greatest Sci-Fi Classics (NOT SO MUCH) Collection Episode 1 Galaxina 1980 4 out of 10

It says 100 Greatest Sci-Fi Classics on the cover of this DVD set of terrible Sci-fi movies.   100 Greatest????  that is hilarious.   There is no Star Wars or Bladerunner of 2001 a Space Odyssey in this collection of sci-fi movies.  Instead it has movies like Galaxy Invader,  Escape from Galaxy 3,  The Brain Machine, and It's Alive.    We are talking quality movies here  (LOL).   This 100 movie collection was a bargain and there may be some  SO BAD IT is GOOD gems amongst the total garbage, but it will be a journey to find them.  I've seen some of these turkeys previously from a different collection of "Classics" like The Galaxy of the worst movies I've ever watched.   It is probably going to take me a couple of years to work my way through this collection, so I wanted to invite you along for the ride.   Wish me luck in this journey through "100 Greatest Sci-Fi classics  --NOT SO MUCH"

Galaxina   1980  4 out of 10  (based on weirdness factor)

What the hell have I gotten myself into.   The first flick of the collection of the 100 Greatest Sci-fi Classics (NOT SO MUCH) that I decided to dig into was the movie from the collections box cover.  Galaxina starring Dorthy Stratten of Playboy fame (the one that the movie Star 80 was based on).   Well what a way to kick off this collection of terrible movies!   The movie posters for Galaxina are terrific.  The movie ....well like the title I gave this movie series.....NOT SO MUCH.   

 It is clear that this movie was meant to be a Space- Comedy, but it forgot to be funny.   It was just weird instead.  Dorthy Stratton is just in the movie for her looks as seen below.  She is a robot which makes it easier for her since she doesn't even learn to talk for the first half of this bizarre movie.

The plot of this "Space comedy" concerns a crew of space police captained  by actor Avery Schreiber (who looks like  a fat Gene Shallit)  that get sent on a mission to find an important blue crystal.  This movie is just silly.  The only highlights (besides Galaxina's outfit)  is the couple of scenes that were rip-offs of of the cantina scene from Star Wars.  Before their mission the crew visits a space brothel and later they visit an alien only bar on a western planet where the blue crystal is that serves humans for dinner.   The silly alien costumes are the only real highlight in the mess of a film.   Here is one of those foul mouthed aliens.  The Rock Eater.

Here is the trailer for this really strange flick
Tune back in a couple of weeks from now for movie number 2 which will be a Sci-fi classic starring Jesse Ventura and I'm not talking about Predator.

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