Sunday, September 22, 2013

Robocroc 2013 3 out of 10

Robocroc  2013   3 out of 10

"Well it was no Sharknado"  that is for sure.  B-Movie vet Corin Nemec stars as a Zoo Keeper.  The movie is about pretty much exactly what the title says.   A top secret government payload on a rocket ship crash lands in a zoo and nanotech-based combat drones take up residence inside a large Crocodile.  Which leads to a bunch of Half -Croc --half robot chaos.   Unfortunately the chaos is very boring and dull.    This could have been a cheesy fun sci-fi film, but it fails on all levels to deliver.  A crazy Robocroc loose in the zoo.....sounds fun .....NOT SO MUCH.      Then the Robocroc escapes into the water park next door.....great potential.....which is completely wasted once again.  It just felt like everything that could have been cool and fun in the movie was squandered.  We end up with a bunch of unconnected scenes with the Robocroc killing people  mostly off-screen in dark sewers and on ATV's while the government agents that came to clean it up actually end up to be behind the whole thing.    It was a cool concept that just wasn't executed most likely for the lack of budget.  There is a scene when it gets loose in the water park and a bunch of people are trapped there that could of been a Robocroc killing frenzy.   Instead all we get is a couple of teens that were locked in  the bathroom wandering around the aftermath of bodies.   Like I said I'm sure it was for a lack of budget,  but don't tease the audience with a Robocroc loose in the zoo and water park and then don't deliver.  

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