Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sharknado 6 2018 ?? out of 10

Sharknado 6 2018  ?? out of 10

Honestly I don’t even know what to rate this last entry in the Sharknado saga.  It defies a rating on a scale of 1-10.  It was mostly a terrible mess of time travel nonsense. It should have been called The Ludacris Shark Movie.  

In the middle of a time vortex Finn makes out with Tara’s Reid’s robot head that is stitching out of a flying Robot Shark from the Future.  So over the top silly and stupid that it borders on being just terrible.... or So Bad it is Good???  I honestly don’t know yet.   If  didn't see Sharknado 1-5  then this movie would be totally confusing.  Well it was probably confusing anyway.   Sharknado 6 was basically a Time Travel movie that just happened to have Sharknados everywhere the characters went. 

The film opens with Finn leaping into the age of the Dinosaurs where he meets up with characters that have died in previous films.  Time travel is strange is the explaination.  They leap from time to time hoping that the next leap will be the leap back home....(wait that is a different show).   The film is filled with terrible CGI as they fly around on Dinosaurs, before leaping to the time of King Arthur (or a leftover set from Xena Warrior Princess).  Terrible "Celebrity cameos"  including some Transgender Morgana that used modern day annoying catchphrases.  So many bad lines of dialogue.   This mess is what happens when you give low budget film makers whose original movie took off by accident more money.   The film making itself doesn't get any better --but the bad CGI flying shark budget is bigger.  Of course the bad CGI sharks may be the best part of this strange flick.

For some reason I find myself at a complete loss as to how to rank this odd movie.  It is so bad that it is at times entertaining --but not in the way that the original was--because the self awareness of what they are doing is involved.    Sharknado 6 just is.    If you sat through the other 5 Sharknados then you have to see how it ends.   If not --like most of the Bad Shark movies that I torture myself with ...on it's own it is just that ---A Bad Shark Movie.   

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