Thursday, May 9, 2019

From Hell it Came 1957 1 out of 10

From Hell it Came 1957  1 out of 10

45 Minutes of boring, dull, lifeless dialogue and then we finally get the monster.   A slow moving tree monster creature that had to have been carved out of Styrofoam.   I've seen a lot of bad movie and bad movie monsters--but this creature has to be one of the worst looking and least scary creatures ever put on film.   I'm talking really, really bad.   I would put this bad movie monster up against any other films bad movie monsters.   It would probably lose because this things only move is to slowly shamble around until it finds someone that can't walk faster than it and then carries them to the convenient pit of quicksand.

Skip the movie and enjoy the trailer which is 15 times better than this boring film.

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