Saturday, May 11, 2019

(Animated movie # 16) Hotel Translyvania 3 2018 8 out of 10

Hotel Transylvania 3 2018 8 out of 10

I've surprisingly found myself really enjoying this series of animated movies.  The first one was a pleasant surprise and they have been able to make the sequels entertaining as well.  With each film the series has done a good job at expanding the world building of the franchise in the process.   

Hotel Transylvania 3 has a very predictable plot -yet still entertains despite the transparency of what is going to happen during the story.  It is like a pitcher telling you what pitch he is going to throw and still striking you out.  Adam Sandler is so perfect in the role of Drac who this time around falls in love on a family cruise.  The visual jokes were effective  the Blob character steals many scenes. -The monsters that inhabit this cartoon world remain interesting and entertaining even 3 films into the franchise.   There is an animated series based on this franchise which suffers from the lack of the Drac character.  His character really is the heart and soul of the franchise.    I would definitely recommend this film if you are a fan of the first two in the series .  

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