Friday, April 13, 2018

The Saint's Vacation 1941 6 out of 10 (The Saint Series #4)

The Saint's Vacation 1941 6 out of 10

The Saint’s Vacation features a new lead actor in the role of Simon Templar.  Hugh Sinclair just didn’t really have the same swagger as The Saint as George Sanders did.   In this story the Saint is on Vacation -but like Angela Landsbury in Murder She Wrote –there is no such thing as a Vacation for someone like the Saint.   Travelling with a nervous friend he is trying to hide from a bunch of newspaper reporters.  One persistent female reporter is able to track him down and gets involved in his adventure.
The story features the Saint getting mixed up in the quest for a “McGuffin” in this case a mysterious box.  Once the Saint gets involved and gets possession of the box it becomes a deadly game of switch a roos and misdirection.   It was a fast-paced film with a lot of old school crime story, but never really grabbed my attention since I was wishing Sanders was still in the role.

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