Saturday, April 14, 2018

Downsizing 2017 5 out of 10

Downsizing 2017 5 out of 10

 The film is a social satire that takes place in a world where humans can be shrunk to the size of five inches.  It follows this journey by a man named Paul (Matt Damon) who is struggling to have the life he wants and decides to undergo this process that will allow him to live a life of luxury as a downsized person.    The concept for the film is incredible,  the film itself was really disappointed.   I think Black Mirror could have done a much more interesting and compelling job with this cool concept.

I guess my main issue with the film is that it was advertised as a comedy.  From the trailers you would think that the movie was more in the spirit of a film like The Truman Show.  The trailer features Kristen Wigg who plays his wife and Jason Sudeikis as a friend who had already undergone the process.   Kristen Wigg's character decides at the last minute not to undergo the procedure and is not in the film after that decision.  Jason Sudeikis's role is literally what is in the trailer.   The concept for the film was strong and the beginning of the film was really interesting --unfortunately shortly after he makes it to the downsized world all of the comedy is quickly sucked out of the film detours in a strange direction.  
The  great potential of the film was  completed wasted.  The story veered into scenes of Matt Damon doing drugs at a party and then trying to help a maid that barely speaks English and becoming a doctor to a secret poor area of the downsized world.  The odd direction the film took pulled all of the air out of the film.  I think it was falsely advertised as a comedy when all of the possible avenues for comedy left the film at about the half way point.

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