Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wonder Woman 2017 8 out of 10

Wonder Woman 2017 8 out of 10

I finally got around to seeing Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman was a quality comic book film.  A much better effort than DC's Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad.   It did suffer to a certain extent from being an origin story.   I've railed against stuff like this before when a studio spends too much time telling the origin of a character that is pretty much common knowledge at this point.   We were already introduced to the character in Batman vs Superman and for some reason DC still felt the need to tell the origins of the character which slowed the film down.   We have to wait about an hour and 15 minutes before we actually get to see Wonder Woman being Wonder Woman.   When that moment finally arrives in the trenches of World War II she kicks ass and pretty much kicks ass for the rest of the movie.

Gal Gadot does a good job as Wonder Woman, but doesn't really fit the origin of a character with Amazon origins.   Her mother and all the other woman from her homeland seemed to better fit the Amazonian warrior look.   Chris Pine does a much better job in his role a spy during the war than he does in the role of Captain Kirk in the new Trek films.  The two have a job chemistry which is on display early in the film. Wonder Woman arrives to 1940's London and seems more Ariel from the Little Mermaid than Wonder Woman at first until we get to see her in action.  

The reason this film works better than the other two DC effort mentioned above is that the script is much stronger.   The film has a good mix of comedy and action and the plot isn't a mess like the other DC films.   I just wish we could have got to the real action a lot faster .... it almost took too long.

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