Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bright 2018 6 out of 10

Bright 2018 6 out of 10

Bright is basically an Alien Nation remake with an Orc cop instead of an alien.  It stars Will Smith in what sounds like a really silly concept.    Instead the movie takes itself a lot more serious than one would expect.  It is more a serious buddy cop film in which the two cops uncover a dangerous plot by rogue elves to gather up some magic wands in order to bring the dark lord back.  It was an interesting concept and is actually a decent film--- but it really would benefited from a lighter and more comic tone.   One would it expect it to be in tone similar to Will Smith's Men in Black or at least between that and the TV series G Vs E.  

The action scenes in the movie were good and the story was actually interesting.  The lack of humor and fun that the film had with it's story is just kind of bewildering.  It could have been a lot more fun if just a little bit of humor was injected into the film.  It is definitely and odd movie --but probably worth watching if you can buy into the world and embrace the seriousness of a film that one would expect to be lighter in tone.

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