Sunday, March 18, 2018

Geek Cred Actor of Actress of the Month #1: Dichen Lachman

You know when you are watching a bunch of cool shows and keep seeing the same actor or actresses over and over again.   I decided to start a series for the blog about those actors and actresses.  They usually aren't the stars --but you recognize them just the same.   I recently watched the cool direct to Netflix series Altered Carbon and one of the main actresses on that series is one of those performers that seems to be in a ton of cool  shows in the Sci-Fi genre.   After completing Altered Carbon I went back to watching another Sci-Fi show that a co-host of the podcast had recommended  The 100.  Guess who shows up about half way through the season.    Dichen Lachman is developing quite the geek cred resume that when she ever stops acting will keep her busy on the autograph circuit at Cons.   Not only was she in Altered Carbons and The 100 -- but  also played Skye's mom on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   one of my favorite current network shows.  She also appeared previously on another Whedon show,  the excellent short lived  The Dollhouse which starred  Eliza Dushku.  She has also appeared on Supergirl for a couple of episodes,  The Last Ship for an 8 episode run and Being Human.

So the Actor or Actress of the Month with Geek Cred goes to Dichen Lachman.

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