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The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast #18 In this Podcast we discuss Time Travel Movies

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  Andy gives us 3 quick movies reviews in the form of poems.   
The Mouse Minute features 3 WTF?  Disney stories
Then we discuss the film Project Almanac and our Top Time Travel Films

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Here are my top 5 Time Travel Films: 
My list is very Mainstream

In the Podcast:  
My co-hosts digs into some some less predictable films.

Number 5
Time Bandits 1981

Directed by Terry Gilliam.  Written by Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin of Monty Python fame.  This movie had me at the description:  A Young Boy accidentally joins a band of Time Traveling dwarfs as they jump through time looking to steal treasure.  The Movie features cameos from John Cleese and Sean Connery and an awesome role by David Warner (Sark from Tron) as Evil.   Absolutely love this silly Time Travel adventure.

Number 4
Terminator 1984

One of the films that made Arnold a star as the villainous Terminator.  This awesome James Cameron movie about a killer robot sent back in time to kill a future leader before he is born is a classic.

Number 3
T2    1991

Even better than The Terminator... T2 took things to the next level...This time around Arnold is the good guy and he battles a liquid metal robot sent back from the future.   This movie is a non stop kick ass action adventure.  The CGI was groundbreaking and the movie is amazing.

Number 2
12 Monkeys  from  1995

Terry Gilliam helms this Time Travel film as well.  All Gilliam films are weird and 12 Monkeys is no exception.  Bruce Willis stars as a convict from the future that is sent back in time to try and prevents a virus that wiped out most of humanity.  This is a  strange cool  Time Travel mystery.  

Number 1
Back to the Future 1985

My most predictable movie on the list is Back to the Future.  This movie is actually in my top 10 movies of All-Time.  Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.  Back to the Future is a nearly perfect movie as far as I'm concerned.  I loved all 3 Back to the Future films --but the first Back to the Future film stands on a pedestal over the others like Raiders of the Lost Ark compared to the other Indy films.   

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