Thursday, September 8, 2016

Atomic Shark 2016 6 out of 10 (SBIG---almost)

Atomic Shark 2016  6 out of 10

This was the 6th Bad Shark movie from SyFy's  Sharknado Weekend.  I was starting to question why I watch these terrible Shark Movies.  It must be someweird completest quest to capture them like they were Pokemon.  "Oh look I captured an Atomic one". 

Atomic Shark starts out just as bad as many of the recent batch. It is basically Baywatch is they had to deal with a shark contaminated by a nuclear submarine.  The plot is unremarkable and the acting is exactly at the level you would expect with a title like Atomic Shark.  "Hey isn't that Bud Bundy.......Yep it is".    The effects are laughable as you watch a flaming red fin with smoke rising off of it moving through the water.   The good thing is this movie is in on the joke.  Unlike Ice Sharks (which took itself to seriously)  this movie has some goofy and strange moments that made it almost So Bad that it is Good plus the lead actress is kind of a hottie.   I was just about to give up on the movie when all of sudden there was a scene at a local restaurant where a Food TV show is filming and the host of the show eats a fish dish and then unexpectedly blows up and the whole restaurant turns into flames because the fish was radioactive.   The radio active sharks jumps up on the shore killing one of the Baywatch style Lifeguards.  The shark is on fire because it is so hot which gives some originality to its kills.  It basically bites people and melts them.   There is a funny scene where two characters are fighting on a boat for no apparent reason.  The one character just lost her boyfriend and decides to kill the main character and is going to light a stick of dynamite --and when the main character blows out the lighter the soundtrack stops and then starts again several time as the lighter is lit and blow out again.
This kind of silly in on the joke scene makes Atomic Shark more enjoyable than many of the bad shark movies I've recently watched.

If you enjoy bad shark movies ----you may find this one slightly enjoyable, but don't blame me if you don't

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