Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coherence 2014 9+ out of 10 (Sci-Fi)

Coherence 2014  9+ out of 10

Coherence is a super cool low budget sci-fi movie.  It centers on a dinner party a bunch of friends are having when a strange comet is flying over.  The lights go out and they wander outside to check things out and only notice that the entire neighborhood is in the dark with the exception of one house a few blocks away.  A couple of the guys go to check it out to see if they can use a phone and instead return with some really strange and unbelievable news about the other house.  This sets up a cool strange twisted movie.  It could have been a stage play because pretty much the entire movie takes place in one location.  It was a really interesting movie with a intrique little plot details that I don't want to get too deep into since you should discover it for yourself.  

I enjoyed this movie so much that I immeadiately wanted to see it again with the commentary track.  The commentary enhanced my thoughts and love of the film.  The writers did a ton of detailed planning for the twists in the movie but never fully let the cast in on everything.  They let them basically improvise  dialogue with little hints and topics given to certain actors to see how they would react.  The process was strange --as if the directors were letting the actors figure out what was happening in the story on their own as if it was a mystery party.  The film was made on what they called a micro budget and the results to me were fascinating.   Definitely worth a watch for fans of Twilight Zone and things like that.  

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