Sunday, April 27, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Solider 2014 9+ out of 10

Captain America: The Winter Soldier  2014   9+ out 10

I thought the first Captain America was pretty good....but it was nowhere near how good this sequel was.   I always thought Captain America was kind of a cheesy comic book character.  They was a really bad Captain America movie made back in the early 1990's that made me think of him as a really goofy character.   I really wasn't into the Red Skull as a villain because it reminded me too much of that cheesy 1990's movie.   Well Comic book movies and Captain America have both come a long way.  Post Avengers this Captain America is actually kind of kick ass and this movie is excellent and almost on the same level as the Avengers.   Marvel Studios and Disney have created a great dynamic universe that is a joy to watch.  The intermingling  of all the characters in this universe and directly with the now  excellent Agents of Shield TV show that is directly effected by what happened in this film is exciting.  I've never been a big comic book fan --but what Marvel/Disney are doing is truly epic.

1.   Great Story:
Captain America: The Winter Solider had an excellent political thriller plot line that was both action packed and interesting.

2. Great Action sequences: 
A great car chase with the bad guys trying to kill Nick Fury and a kick ass battle at the end were among the great sequences in this film

3.  Great Special Effects:  
  The Hovering aircraft carriers at the end were epic

4.  Great Cast :  
The cast that in addition to Chris Evans as Captain America included  Sam Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Redford was top notch and the addition of  the new character the Falcon was also great. 

The only thing that probably kept it from being a 10 out of 10 is that once you assembled the Avengers ---it is hard to see an individual film of this magnitude and not wonder why those other heroes aren't involved in such an important plot....  I was surprised at how much I like Captain America: The Winter Solider-----it may be early in the year --but this could be the best movie of 2014

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