Sunday, April 27, 2014

Big Ass Spider 2013 7+ out of 10

Big Ass Spider 2013  7+ out of 10

Definitely the best opening sequence for a Big Ass Spider movie ever.  This movie knew exactly what it was and took full advantage of that.   It was cheesy and over the top and that worked well for this giant mutant creature feature.  Starring Greg Grunberg (from Heroes) as cocky exterminator that gets involved with a giant mutant spider that has escaped from the government.  The spider keeps killing people in interesting ways like spraying acid on a hospital patients face and melting it Raider of the Lost Ark style.   As the spider kills it keeps growing until it is near King Kong size and about to lay its eggs.

The movie has some funny dialogue and at times feels like an episode of Reno 911 if it had a giant mutant spider in it.  The security guard that tags along with him as the giant spider crushed and skewers people with its legs is great cheese ball comedy.   Like I said this movie knew what it was and embraced it and was very enjoyable as a result.  If you want a funny entertaining creature feature---give this movie a chance while we wait for Sharknado 2 to fall from the skies this summer.

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