Saturday, May 3, 2014

Paul 2011 6 out of 10

Paul 2011   6 out of 10

If you replace Elliot with two British Sci-Fi nerds and you replace ET and his Reeses Pieces with a Pot smoking Alien-----then you have Paul.  The movie is a comic retelling of the ET that tries to be an edgier take on helping an alien get back home again.  
The movie was good, but not great.   

The Cast
 The movie had a great cast of comedy pros which included Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in their third movie collaboration  (Shaun of the Dead,  Hot Fuzz).  It also features the talents of Kristen Wigg and Jason Bateman which I felt were completely squandered in this film.  And then there is Paul the Alien as voiced by Seth Rogen.  All give decent preformances, but it felt like a lot was left on the table.

The Plot
Like I mentioned it was basically a pot smokers/geek version of ET.  The two British nerds stumble across Paul they Alien while out traveling the US UFO areas in an RV. They have to help Paul get to a spot that his Alien pals can rescue him.  It was a decent plot that just should have been funnier. I felt that the comedy was very watered down from what you would expect from a Seth Rogen as pot smoking Alien movie.   I really feel that this movie left a lot of comedy potential that didn't make it into the film.

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