Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters 2013 7 out of 10

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters  2013  7 out 10

My quick thoughts on Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
This sequel to the entertaining yet under performing Percy Jackson movie  series is an enjoyable action adventure comedy ride. 
The studios really wanted this series to be the next Harry Potter, but unfortunately the box office fell way short of that goal. 
Luckily it  did well enough to give us a sequel.  

1.  The sequel has a light more comedic tone that felt closer to the Men in Black films.  
2.   The story focuses on the training center for the young demi-gods being threatened as the magical barrier that protects it is in jeopardy.  Percy and his friends end up involved in an action packed quest for the Golden Fleece from Jason and the Argonauts fame in order to hopefully heal the barrier.  

3. Like the original movie this sequel features  good action sequences and fun modern day takes on stories well known from mythology. 

I feel both Percy Jackson movies succeed in reaching  the level of enjoyment  I got out of the Harry Potter movies.  I just wish they had caught on the same way –so that we would get to see the rest of the book series on the big screen--- which I fear we won’t get to.

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