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Escape Plan 2013 7 out of 10

Escape Plan    2013  7 out of 10

My quick thoughts on Escape Plan.
Can you imagine how big this movie would have been if it had been made 15 years ago?  It would have been one of the most anticipated movies of the year.   Now not so much.

1.  Despite their advanced age both Sly and Arnold both still have a presence on the big screen.

2. Although neither actor has ever really impressed with their acting ability, they both just have it.   What is it?   It is just an incredible  screen presence.   Since the death of the big overblown action films of  80’s and 90’s only the Rock has convincingly captured the same level of screen presence that Sly and Arnold have.  

3.   It was great to see Sly and Arnold finally team up.   Arnold  of course had a cameo in the first Expendables and an expanded role in Expendables 2  which was great.  The Escape Plan really is the first film to really put Arnold and Sly on equal footing.

4    The movie itself was pretty good, but could have been better.  The pacing of the film which centers on Sky’s character going into a super secure prison and then having to break out was a little slow at times.   The character had to spend much of the movie planning his escape which takes place at the end of the film,  so it wasn’t as action packed as you would hoped an Arnold and Sly film would be.  Still it was enjoyable to watch.  The movie definitely has moments though and gives nostalgic action movies fans a look at what an early team up of these two action legends might have been.   Arnold and Sly still kick butt and if you enjoyed the the Expendable movies you will probably like this as well --even if it is on a smaller scale than those fun flicks.

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