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100 Greatest Sci-Fi Classics (NOT SO MUCH) Collection Episode 2 Raiders of Atlantis 1983 8 out of 10 (So Bad it is Good) PODCAST Included

Raiders of Atlantis  1983     8 out of 10  (SO BAD it is Good)

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For my Review --see below

This is the 2nd movie from the100 Greatest Sci-Fi Classics (NOT SO MUCH) DVD set--that I'm slowly attempting to work my way through.

The movie starts out a little slow - but then gets better and better (or is it worse and worse) as it goes along.  It becomes a non-stop mess of pointless enjoyable cheesiness.   

The Plot:       The plot of this movie is a complete after thought.   It seems like somebody was putting together a stunt show of a bunch of stunts they thought would be fun to see and then tried to piece together a story around those stunts after the fact.   It follows the story (with a complete lack of continuity) of a team of scientists that are trying to raise a nuclear sub from the ocean floor --that somehow causes Atlantis to resurface.  The small group of survivors team up with a couple of Vietnam vets that were out on a boat near the scientific platform when Atlantis resurfaces.   They end up making their way to an  Caribbean island that has been taken over by a cheesy  Mad Max wannabe biker gang. The biker gang is  led by some guy wearing a plastic Crystal Skull mask.  The biker gang is what is left of the devolved Atlanean race.  
A bunch of punk rockers that look like they washed onshore from a casting call from The Warriors.  They ride around on motorcycles that look like they were stolen from Pee Wee Herman if he had a pimp my ride bike shop.   At this point any attempt to follow the piece meal plotis pointless....but it doesn't matter.   Plot who needs a plot.  There are references in the movie about scenes that were obviously cut.  Other scenes have been left in that seem to be a part of a different storyline that was maybe abandoned.   Characters show up out of nowhere and it goes from night to day at random.  It is a total mess.

The Action:          The action was great....If you like the Universal Studios   Wild West Stunt show or Riot act of Waterworld stunt shows.   Once the movie gets past its slow introduction and we get to the world's lamest biker gang section the movie becomes a non-stop series of non-connected and pointless action scenes.   Every stunt show trick in the book is used.   Scenes from countless other movies are lovingly ripped off to the enjoyment of the audience.   There is a pointless tour bus scene with guys jumping on top of the vehicle from a helicopter to then easily be knocked off that is a tribute to Raiders of the Lost Ark.  There are scenes near the end when they make their way to Atlantis (which seems to be an island like LOST)  where some guys are shooting at them from the top of a cliff over water,  just so they can fall off the cliff (as a cool stunt once shot).  

The Acting:      What do you think???  It was totally cheesy. 
The lead actor is just too old for this sh..  Some of the characters have dubbed American voices since it was made out of the country.   One character that they randomly meet halfway through the movie is supposed to be a fake Arnold which was kind of funny.   There are some  classic bad movie lines in this movie.

Indy Clone and Indy inspiration:
Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull lifted a line directly from this movie at one point.   The line is delivered while one of the scientist is being used by the Atlantis ancestors in some chamber that looks like a MTV video to bring them back somehow.   She says " I want to know.....I want to learn"   the line used  at the end of Indy 4 by the Russian.  All of  the Indy movies were basically homages to the B Serials---I thought it was interesting that they also borrowed from this  Indy/Action movie rip-off as well.....This movie had an action scene that was obviously inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The title of this movie was an obvious attempt to cash in on Indy with Raiders in its title..  So it is funny that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull borrowed many elements from this movie.    I guess things come full circle.

Enjoy the trailer and seek out this  "Movie"  (Stunt show) for a fun bad movie night party..... 

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