Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Devil Doll 1936 4 out of 10

The Devil Doll  1936   4 out of 10

The movie has an interesting concept doesn't deliver on its potential.   An escaped convict that was wrongly imprisoned for robbery and murder escapes from prison with a mad scientist.     He learns the secrets to shrinking humans and then being able to control their minds from the scientist.  The scientist passes away during one of his experiments and the main character uses this knowledge to get revenge on those that framed him.  Lionel Barrymore stars in this odd film in which he spends much of the movie in drag posing as an old lady.  The problem is his old lady just seemed like an uninteresting version of the old ladies from some Monty Python sketch.  His revenge plot was kind of boring as he using the doll sized  minions to get his revenge.  I felt like it was  a waste of a cool and interesting story concept in its lackluster execution.  The best moments are early on when scientist shows him how he has shrunken some dogs. 

The movie is directed by Tod Browning of Freaks fame.   


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