Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Collector 2009 7 out of 10

The Collector 2009  7 out of 10

I'll give The Collector some points for a little bit of originality.
It was an interesting horror movie about a thief that goes into a rich families house, while they are out of town,   in order to rob them to pay off some debt he has involving his ex.  The only problem is that he has picked the wrong night to do this.  A killer that collects and tortures people is already in the house and has the different members of the family and others tied up in interesting torture situations.  The whole house is bobby trapped with killing devices like something out of saw and the robber is trying to help rescue the family which includes a little girl (the same age as his own daughter).  Like I said it was an interesting entry into the torture gore genre of horror that movies like Saw,  Hostile and others have explored in recent years.  My only problem with the movie is that I'm not a big fan of anti-heroes.  I already care less about the main character when he is a thief going in to rob the house in the first place.  This plot point leaves me less invested in his plight despite the fact that he has a pivotal moment of caring about the family and trying to save them.  

If you like these gory genre films this may be one you have over looked that is worth checking out. There are some interesting death sequences in the movie.

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