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Jupiter Ascending 2015 5 out of 10

Jupiter Ascending 2015  5 out of 10

Jupiter Ascending was a big budget jumbled mess.  With a budget of almost 176 Million dollars you can see the money on the screen, but it feels like it was without purpose.  There are some decent action sequences and amazing visual effects- but as a movie it just really didn’t know what it wanted to be.  The story was just underwhelming and at times felt like an after thought to the action sequences.  Instead of reviewing it I just have a list of observations or questions about the film.

11.     Why give Channing Tatum’s character Spock ears?  He is supposedly part Wolf but looks like a Vulcan and then at the very end of the film has wings……. What???  I'm so confused by the choices they made with this character.

  2.     The film seemed like it had potential early with a cool action sequence of some hired bounty hunters battling to try and capture Mila Kunis’s character.  At this point it felt like the movie could be a pleasant surprise………Then it started to fall of the rails.

   3.    Eddie Redmayne as the main villains was awful choice.  That character was laughable. The way the character was played was over the top and I was completed unimpressed.

   4.  Sean Bean is great in everything.   Even in a bad movie Sean Bean stands out as a great actor.  I wish he had been the main character instead of a supporting character.

    5.   At first Channing Tatum’s characters rocket jet shoes seemed interesting…… by the end of the film it become annoying as it was overused and just looked like he was rollerblading.  What is this Starlight Express.

    6.  The movie really didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be.   The biggest example of this is in the middle of the film when Mila Kunis’s character goes to get recognized for her royal lineage and ends up in five-minute comedy bit about having to go to 10 different departments to get approvals and forms filled out.   This seemed like something out of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and didn’t fit with the tone of the rest of the film.   It just feels like there was no clear vision for what exactly the movie was or what tone the film should have.

   7.   The villains were basically three spoiled brats that have lived for many generations.  All three just felt super cheesy to me.  Mila Kunis’s character basically visits all 3 of them during the film.  They all want her inheritance.   One tries to marry her and then kill her.   Another kidnaps her family to get her to sign it over.   Channing Tatum’s Sky roller blader saves her each time.  One-man vs entire spaceships and guards.   At the end she defeats Eddie Redmayne’s super cheesy villain, but the others are almost completely forgotten at the end to the story.

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