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Ghostbusters Isn't Ghostbusters without Bill Murray in the lead Role: Revisiting a Classic

I've seen over 3,000 movies and the original Ghostbusters is in my top 30 movies of all time. 

I've been vocal about my displeasure about the new Ghostbusters movie that is coming out this summer.  I couldn't care less about the fact that it has an all women cast.   My problem with the new Ghostbusters is that it is just a Reboot/Rehash of the original. 
There is so much potential in doing a new Ghostbusters film---they just did it the wrong way.

I'm not a fan of just doing a remake of old movies, especially when the original is an all-time classic.  I prefer sequels that move the story into a new era.    Tron and the Force Awakens got it right. Both of these films paid tribute to the old classic fan favorites --while passing the torch and moving the story into a new era. Ghostbusters could have done the same thing.   You could keep your all women cast and just made it a passing of the torch sequel.   It could have been a Ghostbusters franchise started by woman.   Instead they choose to Reboot the series and pretend that the original Classic movie didn't exist (Despite their deceptive first trailer).  

I'll probably eventually see the new Ghostbusters on Netflix, probably just to see the updated special effects....But I'm not going to go to the theaters to see a rehash of something that was done right the first time around. 

Ghostbusters fans have wanted a Ghostbusters 3 for several decades.  Ghostbusters 2 failed to deliver in the way we hoped and fans really wanted to see what Bill Murray and the gang could do with a third film to add to the franchise.  Rumors flew around for years and it just never happened.   Instead we get a Reboot that nobody asked for.

I went this weekend to see the original Ghostbusters in the theater again and below are the reasons I think you should just watch the original and skip the new one.   

Bill Murray

Bill Murray was the biggest reason that the original Ghostbusters was so good.  This character was the perfect fit for him.  He is sarcastic and cocky and thinks he is god's gift to the ladies.  
Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis  wrote the film as the perfect vehicle for Bill.   There are so many classic lines in Ghostbusters.   
Seeing the lack luster trailer for the new Ghostbusters that literally only had one funny moment (Leslie Jones stage dive)  which has already been done before.  The new film is missing something. That something is Bill Murray.  Bill Murray was Ghostbusters and I don't see anything from the new trailers that can compare to him in the lead role.  Sure he has a small cameo in the new film--but that isn't what fans wanted.

(I used to have this Poster on my wall growing up)

The Song

I know it was just a rip off of a Huey Lewis song......But I love Huey Lewis and the  original Ghostbusters song by Ray Parker Jr. was a favorite of mine back in the day.  I seriously doubt that they can capture that lightning in a bottle that was the song from the original.  It can't be duplicated in this era of crappy auto tuned music. 

It was great to see Ghostbusters back on the big screen.  Despite some of the visual effects (Especially the devil dogs) looking cheesy by today's standards the humor of the film holds up really well.   I love Ghostbusters!   The dialogue in the film is great.  The original cast has amazing chemistry.   Love Rick Moranis as the nerdy accountant.   The Stay Puff Marshmellow Man reveal is still amazing after all these years and I had never noticed that it was foreshadowed several times throughout the films.  (Look for a bag of Stay Puffs in the self cooking egg scene).

After the film they showed a behind the scenes Sneak peek of the new film.   All that sneak peek did was reinforce that all the new film will give us is modern special effects.   They are just rehashing an already classic film. Even the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man is being rehashed.   Decide for yourself.....I was happy to watch the classic Ghostbusters on the big screen and I don't need to see it redone with a totally new cast.

The OG Ghostbusters Trailer

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