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All Cheerleaders Die 2013 7 out of 10

All Cheerleaders Die 2013  7 out of 10

The description of the movie was something about a group of high school cheerleaders rising from the dead as zombies to take revenge on the football player from their school that was responsible for their death.  It made it sound like a silly, cheesy zombie comedy.  I was hoping for a SO Bad that it is Good low budget zombie flick.  Instead the movie was actually something completely different.  It was more a supernatural witchcraft movie along the lines of The Craft.

The story starts out as sort of a take on "Mean Girls".   
After a tragic death of a cheerleader at the beginning of the film an outsider transforms herself to be a cheerleader and a part of the cool crowd.   At this point in the film you are thinking that maybe this character or her witchcraft loving ex will turn on the cheerleaders, but the film actually gets a little serious.  A party just outside of town ends with the high school quarterback punching his ex girlfriend.  This dude is an abusive OJ type and his football career is more important to him then anything else.  The girls are going to report this incident --which leads him to drive them off the road leaving them for dead.   Extreme.... stuff as the other members of the team are too scared to stand up to him or say anything.  
The main characters witch ex --uses a spell an some magical rocks to resurrect the girls.   They show up to school the next day like nothing happened to the shock of the football players.   The girls start taking revenge on the players --by basically draining them dry of blood to help them stay alive.  I'd say they are more like superpowered vampires then zombies.

At this point in the film you are thinking it will just be a simple revenge movie with the hottie cheerleaders killing off the football team.  Instead the asshole quarterback figures out what is giving them their powers and starts killing for the magical gems that revived them and the movie ends as more like a supernatural battle between the remaining girls and this powered up OJ.

The film was surprisingly entertaining.  Like I said definitely not the film I was expecting at all, but a pleasant surprise.

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