Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Drive Thru 2007 6 out of 10

Drive Thru 2007 6 out of 10

I was flipping through channels over the weekend and passed Chiller TV and saw a quick blurb about a movie that said something like "A bunch of High School teenagers must save their town from a Killer Clown that works at a fast food restaurant".   I had to record this of course (expecting it to be absolutely terrible)  but it had me at Killer Clown working at a Fast Food restaurant which makes it a possible so bad it is good movie.   

The movie opens with a bunch of punks pulling into a late night fast food drive thru.  The punks and their death scene is something straight out of Toxic Avenger as they break into the fast food restaurant and die in a gory way at the hands of a Clown with a head that has a speaker box for a mouth and an outfit straight out of the band KISS's closet.   The movie is just an average horror flick peppered with some decent kills -like the cool scene in a Haunted Funhouse ride. The killer clown has some decent cheesy one-liners which also make the film watchable.

 The story basically features a group of kids that are getting killed off by this Killer (Rock N Roll) Clown that is the evil looking mascot from a burger chain called Hella-Burger.  Think if Krusty The Clown from the Simpsons had a evil baby with Jack from Jack n'the Box. The story itself is an often used plot straight out of Nightmare on Elm Street or similar revenge stories.   A character that had been bullied or "Killed" by a group of teens in the past takes out his revenge on the children of those teens that hurt him.  Don't expect anything new or original here, but you may enjoy it if you are fan of evil clowns. 

The acting in the movie is decent. The lead actress Leighton Meester has actually been in a bunch of other things since then and she makes for a good lead character.

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