Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Troll Hunter 2010 8+ out of 10

The Troll Hunter 2010   8+ out of 10

This a great entry in the Lost Footage horror genre.  It follows a group of students that are documenting a series of mysterious bear killings --but instead stumble across a hunter that is hunting more than just bears.   This guy is out looking for Trolls.   The film was done in a very effective fashion much like Cloverfield ---yet letting us actually see the Trolls themselves. 
I've seen numerous Lost Footage films such as the overrated  Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity and this is a much more enjoyable film than those. 

      It was a well executed film.  If the subject matter hadn't been so crazy unbelievable it could have actually been believed.   The documentary style of this film felt really authentic.   The film is out of Norway and is subtitled as a result, yet this didn't hamper my enjoyment for the film.  The story was interesting enough that I almost completely forgot that it has subtitles by the end of the film. 

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